Our bedrooms each have its special atmosphere and yearn for tranquility and well-being.
We have chosen to evoke iconic women, of different ages, to make you travel through time and space.
The comfortable beds are equipped with cozy blankets and latex mattresses.

In the bathroom, fluffy towels and basic toiletries await you.
For children, beds, bedding, high chairs.
A courtesy tray is available: coffee, tea, herbal tea.

Artemisia Gentileschi

chambres-a This bedroom is an invitation to the sweetest rest.
You will be accompanied by the angel of the Italian console ….

Karen Blixen

A room Art Nouveau tinged with African spirit… ch-k-salon

George Sand

chambres-g The spirit of George Sand welcomes you in this romantic room.

Esclarmonde de Foix

A medieval atmosphere made ​​of linen and velvet awaits you in this room. chambres-e